18/09/2019 - 22/09/2019

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Juan Gabriel Castro: “It was a one-inning ballgame”


Mexico lost to Korea today for the Super Round of the Premier12. During the post-game press conference, Mexican manager Juan Gabriel Castro and first baseman Efren Navarro analysed the match.

“Today it was a one-inning game. A very difficult inning for us,” said Castro referring to the 7-run fifth inning that gave Korea the lead in the match. “We’ve been playing very good baseball throughout the tournament, but today we failed a bit in the fifth inning, a pair of walks, and Korea took advantage of the situation to score the runs.”

Navarro stated in the same way: “This is baseball, tonight was not our best night, but we’ll keep pushing. Every day is different, it’s part of the tournament, each day we must face different obstacles.”

Asked about the last two consecutive losses, Navarro said: “Every team in this tournament is strong. Tonight was Korea’s night, and yesterday the things were well for Japan. It’s baseball.”

Castro also noted about the growing of baseball in Mexico. “Before the Premier12, a lot of people wasn’t confident that Mexico would be here in Japan, playing the Super Round. As I said, we’ve played at a very good level. Baseball in Mexico is getting better and better, and will keep improving in the next years. I’m sure that, from now, everyone will see Mexico playing a better baseball, year after year. We’re growing as a baseball country and this is only a prove of what Mexico will be showing and doing in the future in this kind of events.”